The art of Rachel Wimpey

Rachel Wimpey is the owner of Willowbrush Gallery. Her work focuses on the figure and on historical and Biblical subjects. 


Rachel Wimpey is a dynamic artist, teacher, and gallery owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since opening Willowbrush Gallery in 2012, Willowbrush has welcomed students, collectors and artists from around the globe.


After completing her art degree from Dallas Baptist University, Rachel worked as a director’s assistant at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. In addition to her museum training, Rachel pursued further art study with some of the nation’s top artists including mentor Thomas Blackshear, Michael Dudash, Stephen Quiller, Stephen Scott Young, Charles Ewing, David Leffel, Dan Gerhartz and Keiko Tanabe among others. A love of art history and study of the Old Master’s along with travel throughout Europe, Asia, and South America has provided the framework for her style and direction. 


Currently, Rachel is focused on commission work for individual collectors as well as non profit organizations. Her subject matter ranges from historical to Biblical to portraiture in a contemporary impressionistic style. Shifting in 2017 from representing 25 artists and owning the largest gallery in Oklahoma, Rachel is now representing solely her own work at the gallery, and is building a collection of large scale Biblical pieces for public exhibition in Tulsa and various other cities. Rachel enjoys using the medium of paint to depict spiritual realities and spiritual truths, which is evident in her work that centers on Biblical themes. 


Rachel has exhibited in three major museums, including Gilcrease Museum as the youngest exhibiting artist in the 2011 Collector’s Reserve show. Her work in oil, acrylic, and watercolor can be found in collections across the country, including a 5 panel mural at Oklahoma Baptist University, and a 3 panel mural at Dallas Baptist University. Her newest public work, which will debut in the fall of 2019, is a 7 panel series depicting the Genesis account of creation for the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, TX. Prints of her Biblical pieces can be found in churches, offices, homes, and community spaces around the world including Brazil, Peru, South Korea, Ghana, Germany and England. 


Rachel can often be seen in the community as a guest judge for various art shows and competitions, and her art presentations and demonstrations have been seen in community wide events and schools, including to over 1,000 students in the US and abroad. For non profit fundraising efforts, Rachel can occasionally be found doing live drawing and painting sessions for live auction events that raise money for various causes in the state of Oklahoma. She is currently expanding her non profit involvement and combines her artistic talent with her passion for helping organizations create a visual message to have a greater impact in their communities and around the world. 


In her free time Rachel enjoys traveling, photography, gardening, and working towards fluency in Spanish and Hebrew. 

Take an in depth look at some of Rachel's major projects including murals, large scale pieces, and art on display
Dallas Baptist University Mural

Dedicated in May of 2011 as a special gift to honor the President of Dallas Baptist University, "The Hand of Providence" is a 7' x 9 ' acrylic mural on three panels. It is Rachel's second mural at a private university, and was commissioned by the university Executive Vice President and depicts the building projects DBU undertook under the leadership of Dr. Gary Cook. 

The Congressman

In the Spring of 2012, Rachel painted "It's Time" to represent and honor the military service of Congressman Jim Bridenstine, of the the first district of Oklahoma. The painting helped raise money for the campaign, and signed prints by Rachel, Jim, and then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were given to major campaign donors. The original is currently on loan to Jim's DC office in the Capitol. 

Community Involvement

In the 5 years since Rachel has owned Willowbrush Gallery, she has given a number of art and speaking presentations with her paintings and painting techniques to local schools, art groups, women's groups and groups overseas. Rachel has spoken to over 1,000 students in the Tulsa area in career day presentations and art demos, as well as participated in judging both school shows and the district Congressional art competition. 

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Rachel speaking with the Lion of Judah painting at a local women's group