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Meet the Artist

Rachel Wimpey is a water media artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After owning and managing Willowbrush Studio + Gallery for 10 years, Rachel now works from a private studio creating new work full-time! Inspired by her many travels abroad, (pictured here at the Royal Palace in Madrid) her work focuses on story telling of both historical and spiritual themes. Her work can be seen in many collections across the country, as well as internationally. 

Connect & Collect

Rachel's greatest desire with her work is to connect the viewer to something bigger than themselves. This might be through a Biblical narrative, such as the Creation Series, or through her paintings of Israel and Judaica. Drawing from her Jewish and Christian roots, Rachel's work is an expression of her own journey of faith. As a student of Hebrew, at times the deep dive into the Hebrew scriptures greatly informs her work, as it did with the Creation Series. Her travels abroad, including a trip to Israel in 2019 inspire her work not just on an aesthetic level, but on a spiritual one.  

Beyond visually exploring the Bible, which is Rachel's greatest focus, she also enjoys capturing the beauty of everyday life. Whether that's in a portrait, landscape, still life or new abstract work, she is always looking for moments worth sharing. 


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